Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jammie Day!

So far today I have not left the house. Nate took Colton to school this morning and the girls and I have been hanging out. We have been in our jammies all day! Jill dropped Sophie by in her jammies so she could run a couple errands. The girls had fun playing and entertained each other. They were so cute playing with baby dolls. They each took turns feeding and burping their dolls! Jill picked up Colton on her way back so I have not had to go anywhere! That never happens!! I guess I am trying to conserve my energy for this weekend! Hope everyone has a great one!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reality Check....

Today was a rough day! It's not the first and I know not the last. Most days really are good days. But today was a hard one. Ella was up a lot last night.....and after a doctor visit today, she has a double ear infection. So, I started off the day already tired. Got home from the doc and picking up meds and groceries.....sat down for a few minutes. Then time to pick up the big 2. It took Emma about 1 1/2 hrs to fall asleep today...not sure why, she looked exhausted! Colton also decided he "needed" to come downstairs about 9 times during his 2 hr quiet time. He kept coming to tell me things that he said, "are very important". I did manage to catch about a 30 min nap with the baby, not sure how that happened.

Dinner was interesting. I did NOT feel like cooking so the kids had chicken nuggets, green peas, and some butter noodles....with strawberries for dessert. Nate finally arrived home to my rescue at about 6 and took over. I am now going to finally eat something and hopefully go to bed early! Have to get pumped up for my long weekend ahead. Nate is leaving for a 4 day golf trip tomorrow! Yikes....a little nervous but I am sure we'll be fine. I will definitely have some stories to update throughout the weekend!

Nite, Nite!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A quick note....

Just a few other things to mention. Ella has finally figured out how to eat cereal. It took about a week and a half and a lot of patience. But now she opens her mouth to eat!!! Yay! She is getting so big. Colton has been busy with T-ball. He really loves it. I havn't had a chance to take too many pics but I am hoping to take some more Saturday b/c I won't have Emma with me!

Best Friends!

Today Jill and I took the girls, along with Brody and Ella to the park. They had a great time playing. It's so funny how much they enjoy their time together. When they don't see each other, they are asking for one another! Sometimes we have a little of the "" stuff but that is expected with 2 yr olds! It was such a nice morning and the park was not crowded at all. They did the see-saw and just ran around and played! Jill surprised them with some "parties" aka, smarties, before we headed out. They love their "parties".


Emma has become fascinated with the mail. She has even started pointing out mailbox's to me. Well I had gotten a magazine renewel thing in the mail and I had set it on the counter to put in the mailbox. Emma started messing with stuff on the counter and I told her to leave that alone because I had to mail it. She immediately started saying, "mailbox, mailbox, i do it!". So, I let her take it and put it in the mailbox out front. She was so proud of herself, it was so cute!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Ever since we went to the park last week Em and Colton have been obsessed with bubbles. The other day I ran to Target to pick up some bubble supplies! We have one of those bubble machines but that's just not as fun!! I picked up some "spill" proof bubbles for them to play with. So, after nap this week, since the weather has been great, we have been going out for "bubble time"!
Colton is so good with the bubbles! Emma is also getting pretty good. She has finally figured out how to blow. At first she would dip the stick in and say" Here mommy, you do it". She is just so cute these days. Makes me smile all day!

Oh, funny thing Emma said/did tonight. We were all upstairs in the playroom after bathtime. She picked up her cute little butterfly purse the bunny brought her, put her braclet and credit cards/money in it and said (in a very New Orleans accent!), "Bye mommy. I going to the grocery".

Coltons funny statement of the day came after T-ball. We went to get Emma from Jill's and Jill asked him if her won....Colton proceeded to say, "We always win!".....too funny!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Roly Poly!

Well, it happened today. My sweet baby girl rolled over for the first time! She has been trying so hard for a week or so. She has been able to go from front to back, but today she rolled from back to front! I almost cried! My last baby rolling over already :(). The other day, I thought she was going to do I got out the camera and was filming....she would get sooo close, but her little fat arm was in the way. I gave up after about 15 min. Since that day, she's been trying. She'd get all the way onto her belly but couldn't get that arm out!

Well this morning we went over to Jill's to let Emma and Sophie play. I layed Ella on the floor on a blanket. Immediately she started trying to roll over. Jill and I were laughing at her little arm getting mean I know! Well, then she went to roll the other way and did it!!! We all got sooo excited. The girls were saying "yea, yea" and I was like, "you did it!!!" and giving her kisses. She was grinning so big, like she knew she had done something good!! It was so cute and I am soooo glad I was there to see it. These things happen in the blink of an eye and I know how lucky I am to be able to stay home with her and see these milestones!!!

She is sleeping now but when she gets up, I'll take some picks of her rolling around and post them!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun at the park!!!!

Last Thursday Jill and I decided to take the kids to the zoo. So I kept Colton out of school and we headed there about 9:30ish. Well, as soon as I exited off 280 I knew this would not be good. The line at the redlight to turn left towards the zoo was backed up. I called Jill, who was already there, and the news was not good! There were about 45 buses, not exaggerating!! There was absolutely no where to park. The line to get into the zoo was enormous! So, we decided to go to Overton park. It was a little tough convincing Colton that it was too crowded but once I told him Jill had a sucker for him, he got on board with the park.

I LOVED this park. It was so great. It's completly fenced in, so no escaping! And it was so cute! The kids had a great time. Next time we go I am going to bring Colton's bike so he can ride it. Brody and Ella were so good in their strollers. We did have a funny situation with Emma and Sophie trying to "invade" this little birthday party that was going on. It was so funny, they kept saying "eat, I hungry". We were going to end the day with lunch...but....Jill threw away the ONLY nipple she had for Brody's bottle!!! LOL! So they headed on home. We went and picked Nate up and grabbed some Mexican food. The kids loved seeing Daddy in the middle of the day and Colton ate his whole taco! He really worked up an appetite!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter NOLA 2009

We had so much fun at my parents for Easter! I went down Wednesday afternoon with the kids and stayed til Monday morning. I took them to Ducky Joes again, which they love, but mostly we just hung out with the fam! Poor Emma did get a tummy bug one night and threw up from 12AM to 4AM...yuck!
Easter morning was fun! They got up super early, like 6:45! I went to "check" to make sure the bunny had come. They were so excited! Colton was so excited that "the bunny" brought him Woody! He had been asking for Woody. Emma loved her little purse and wand. Her purse had some bracelets in it. I told her they were friendship bracelets and she had to give one to Sophie. It is so funny, she won't put them both on, she keeps telling me, "Sophie bracelet". Ella loved her new blanket, passy's, duck and bear!
Funny story from the trip....Emma saw something on the kitchen table. She started saying something that sounded like "Old cheese...I have it...." I was so confused, I kept thinking she had cheese with lunch?....then she picked it up and handed it to me and said "open, I have it, cheese". It was a tampon. Not sure why it was on the kitchen table but anyway....she thought it was string cheese....too funny!
I am going to try to add a slide show of some of the pics I took!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another year older.....

My birthday was on March 30....and I turned 31 :(. Nate and I went out for a quiet dinner that Saturday, no kiddo's! Well Monday morning, Nate surprised me with some Vera Bradley stuff. I was so impressed with him! I had mentioned that I needed some "weekend" travel stuff and something to hold my jewelry in ( not sure what happened to my old one). He picked it out all by himself! I am going to exchange it, but only to match my other stuff. He didn't realize I already had some stuff. I am so proud of him though!

Well, they gave it to me and Nate went off to work. A little bit later, Colton told me, "I love you Mommy, and we got you a cake...I think it says Happy Birthday to Mommy, but Daddy told me not to tell you". That was too funny. Then, Edgars Bakery called here. I could not believe they did that. They called wanting to know how he wanted the cake decorated. With Happy Birthday Mommy on the cake it was obviously for me, when I told them this was his wife, and they still proceeded to tell me he had ordered me a birthday cake! He was so mad because he had been very specific with the guy he placed the order with, who was apparantly an idiot!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Last weekend I took the big two for haircuts. I had been trying to go during the week but gave up on that because Ella's schedule was making it too hard. So we dropped Nate and Ella at Costco and went to Sweet n Sassy. This place is just too cute for little girls but they also do a great job on Colton's hair too. They give them each a sucker so they love it! Here are some pics from the day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NOLA March 2009!

Well, I know it's been ahile since I've updated but we've been busy!! I took the kids to New Orleans for Ella's first visit while they were out of nursery school for spring break. I did the drive all by myself! Everyone was so well behaved!! We stayed 10 days so it was a nice, long visit but we had a lot to do! The first Saturday we were there, my mom, Megan and I loaded the girls up for shopping! We left Colton with PaPa, he loved that! I got some cute outfits for the kids and sandals for summer! During the week we just hung out and visited people. Nate flew in Friday morning to spend the weekend with us! Saturday we went to visit Mimi and the kids did surprisingly well in her apartment! I even fell asleep on the couch during the visit! Emma got very attached to her PaPa during out visit and the dogs! Colton also had a great time!! I have a ton of pics so I am going to post a few of my favorites!!!
Colton after the St. Patty's day parade