Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Day!

We had another snow day Friday. It's weird how my children think it's normal for it to snow. I don't remember it snowing when I was growing up....I think maybe it snowed once..... They got out of school early so we went outside to play in the snow! They lasted about 20 min and then got too cold so we headed in for some warmth and relaxation! Here are some pics from the day :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My sweet Ella..

My sweet baby is under the weather :( She woke up from her nap yesterday with 103 fever! It has not really broken much and was 103 again this morning. She is her normal happy self so I'm not too worried. But I do have a cute story to share about her from the other night....

I took this pic this morning...sooo sad :(
Sunday, we didn't do much, it was soooo cold out. So I told the big 2 they could skip their bath. Ella always seems to need one as she is such a messy eater! So, I took her upstairs and put her in the bath. I thought she'd love being in there by one to take toys from her, etc. Well, I put her in the tub, she grabbed the 2 pink ducks she likes to play with, and scooted to the back of the tub. ( When all 3 are in the tub, she sits in the back). So, she sat back there and just stared at the door. I guess she was wondering where everybody was! Colton came and hopped in with her and she was so happy to see him! She loves her brother and sissy so much!

Monday, February 1, 2010

More pics....

I am currently working on some slide shows of the kids....with older pictures...I have been gathering them, now I have to resize,'s a work in progress but it's coming.....

WHO DAT!!!!!

We are soooooo excited about the Saints going to the superbowl!!! It's something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime! I grew up going to Saints games and this is just such a wonderful thing for the city, it's just amazing! We let the kids stay up to watch the NFC championship. Colton has really gotten into watching sports. They were running around yelling "touchdown Saints!" ...they were also looking for Uncle Neilson because he was at the game! Never saw him though :(

Neilson did say the quarter was unreal! He'd never seen anything like it...people just dancing in the street, unbelievable energy!

Back to Colton and his sports watching....that night, when he was going to bed..he said, "Mommy, I wonder if the Colts beat the Jets?" It's so funny how he knows all the teams and everything!