Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ella, too funny!

Ella has been on the move lately. I have to really watch her every second. She is into EVERYTHING!!! She has also figured out the stairs. I have gates at the top and bottom, but they do get left open sometimes, since Colton knows how to operate them. I am adding a video of her escape, it's so funny! Don't forget to pause the musice below...

Ella has also really started playing independantly. That is, when she doesn't have a sibling messing with her. When they are gone, I always see her entertaining herself. Yesterday, i was catching up on my talk shows and she was playing on the floor. All of the sudden, I heard, "beep beep beep"...I looked and she was pushing Colton's street sweeper and saying "beep beep beep" as she pushed was too cute! Here is a short video of that!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend Update....

I don't have any pictures to add, but I did receive my battery charger in the mail today, so I will be back to posting pics soon. We have had a super busy weekend. Nate and I had a wedding reception to go to Friday night. We were both so exhausted we were actually home by 10 and in bed my 10:3o! Wow, how times have changed!!!

We had to be at the ballpark today at 10:30 for Colton's game, which started 30 min late. I am not going to ramble about the drama at the ballpark today, but needless to say it was frustrating. Our boys played excellent, the best they've played yet. Colton made the last out..the game clock said 30 sec left..we assumed, after playing for 90min that the game was over. Well, the ump said they had to play another entire inning. At this point our team was up 22-15. ( a little side note, the first time we played this team, they beat us by 10 runs!). After the ridiculous extra inning, we ended in a tie.

I have to say, in my heart, our boys won that game. They were exhausted for the last inning. And the parents on the other team was a whole other issue. TRASHY is the only word to describe it. At one point, a father came out of the dugout to yell at the ump...these kids are FIVE!!

End Rant....sorry...but we had a great was a very exciting game. Colton is playing great. His coach said he is the most improved player and the best hustler on the team. He plays the pitcher spot most innings and he did play once at first base! I have to brag a bit...he really is good!!! He hit a triple today that knocked in 3 runs!! In our game thurs night, he hit a grand-slam home run!!! I am so proud of his hand-eye coordination. To be able to hit the ball from a pitch at barely 5 yrs old, is amazing to me!

I really want one of those FLIP cameras so I can film some of his game and upload it.

Tonight we went to the Simpson's for Reid's 4th birthday! The kids had a great time. They had a jumpy castle and they just ran around and had a blast. Sam cooked hot dogs for the kiddos and steaks for the adults!! YUMMY! Ella cooperated and went to bed in her pak n play so it made for a relaxing evening. They live in our neighborhood so the drive home took about 20 seconds!

All in all, we have had a great weekend so far and still one more beautiful day to go!!! Hopefully I will update tomorrow with some pics!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

busy weekend, gorgeous weather

We have had a super busy weekend. We had to be at the ballpark super early today. Colton had a 9AM game. We won the game and Colton played great! He really loves playing. You can tell some of the kids who do not want to play, their parents probably make them...but Colton really loves it. He really seems to be a natural athlete (like his mommy, lol! ) He picks up a sport so easily.

The bunny brought him a basketball, which he is constantly playing with. He was dribbling in the driveway this afternoon and I was so impressed! He was doing it one handed and everything. Nate is going to put our goal up in the driveway soon! He is going to play basketball in the fall. I am going to do my best to keep him off the football field!!

We also had a birthday party to go to early this afternoon. Colton had a great time at Storyville Station. It was a neat party!

The weather has just been perfect this weekend. We have been enjoying playing outside. I am hoping to spend a lot of time outside tomorrow too. I know the sweltering heat is just around the corner! I wasn't able to take any pictures today since I left my camera battery charger in LA. Mom is sending it to me! I did include a cute pic of Emma from earlier in the week. She is really into playing dress-up and wearing jewelry...I guess I am in for it later :)

Ella's funny face and other tricks!!

I had to post this's too cute! Ella is so funny when she does all her tricks!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

15 month check up!!

My sweet baby Ella turned 15 months on March 8th. I almost forgot she needed to go to the doctor for a checkup! We finally made and poor baby had to get 3 shots :( Ella weighed 23lbs 12oz and was 30 1/2 inches long! She hated to have the nurse measure her...she screamed..loud.

Ella can say, Mommy and Dada...she can also say Daaady. She knows where her nose is. She loves to play "how big is the baby!?". Ella also makes the funniest face. She opens her eyes really wide and raises her eyebrows...Colton taught it to her. Well, we just say, "do your face" and she does's hilarious!!

She also waves bye-bye and claps for herself. She doesn't say too many other words, I think the fact her brother and sister always are around plays a big part in that! They always are talking for her. She does love to play with them though. She sits on them and grabs their shirts, she thinks it's hysterical. She loves to take toys from Emma and run away. She thinks that's so funny!
Ella is extremely attached to me. A lot more than the other two were. I don't mind though since she's my last baby :( She also cries every time we get into an elevator. It's so strange....I cannot believe how fast she is growing!

Happy Easter!

We have had a pretty low key Easter weekend. Colton had his best buddy over to play Friday, since they were out of school. It was a beautiful day so we played outside, until the wasps forced us inside :( Saturday night we dyed eggs. Emma asked me if the Easter Bunny could come live with us. I asked her where he would sleep, she said in your bed Mommy.

Colton and Emma woke up super early today! They were so excited for the bunny! The bunny hid eggs inside due to the wet weather we had yesterday. They had fun hunting for them! Colton got a new basketball so Nate took him to the neighborhood court to play after lunch. We are planning to have an early family dinner and just enjoy the beautiful day! Here are a few pics from the weekend....