Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Orleans trip....

post and pics to come!!!!

Happy Birthday Henry!

Well I am a little late posting but we have been busy! A few weekends ago we went to Atlanta for my cousin Katie's son's 5th Bday! She had the party at a place called Little Chef's Acadamy. It was sooo cute! They made pizza's and little chef hats. Colton had a blast! We stayed with my cousin Kibbe and it was so nice to visit with everyone...even though our trip was short! Here are some pics!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lions and Tigers...but no bears!

Friday we went to the Zoo. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! On the way to the zoo, Colton asked me if we were going to see some red eyed tree frogs...too much Diego I think! We met some friends there and had a great time!
The older kids dictated our route and had so much fun together!
Emma had a great time with her buddy Sophie! While Colton went on the train, Emma and Sophie stopped for some lunch. Then ran around and played with each other.
Ella slept the whole time!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Much Needed Nap

Today was a long day for some reason. Both Colton and Emma had school but I was sooo worn out! Jill and I went to pick out fabric for some adorable shorts and capri's she is making for Emma and Sophie! Then we went to Sew Precious and she helped with some aplique's I was having done for some play clothes for Emma. I would have never been able to decide without her!

A pic of the adorable shorts!!!! I am so excited!

About 3 I laid down on my bed with Ella. Emma was blissfully napping in her crib and Colton was entertaining himself, for the most part. I tried to play on the computer but I was sooo sleepy. I ended up sleeping until 5 o'clock!!! Colton came in a few times, not sure what I said. I know I told him to get a sucker one time.....I think he had like 3! I also found a bag of open chips on the kitchen table. Not sure how much he ate! I was proud of him for not bothering me too much....I really needed to sleep! I did give him a prize for being so good and he also cleaned up the playroom while I was sleeping!!

He line up all his CARS cars after he cleaned the playroom!

Picture with his new car! He loves his cars!

A pitcure of the dinasaur he torments Emma and Sophie with!


Well, Sunday it finally snowed! They try to predict it every year and it never seems to happen. Well, we all went to bed Saturday, skeptical of the prediction. Sure enough, we woke up to a winter wonderland!!! It was gorgeous! We did not get out to play, I know I am a mean mommy, but it was sooooo cold. Colton and Emma are both getting over a sinus infection and runny noses. We did go out for a few pics and Colton did eat some snow! Emma was not all that interested, I think because she was soooo cold! She kept looking out the window and say"Snow...white....Cold!"....Here are some pics from the day!!