Friday, February 27, 2009

Long Week

Well it has been a long week at the Willmon house! Monday started out with a doctor visit for Colton, who has another sinus infection. The rest of the week just seemed to drag on. We didn't do much. I cleaned a lot. I seem to clean all the time to keep up with 3 kids! The kids have been pretty well behaved this week. Thursday, Emma entertained herself for an hour in the playroom while I mopped floors, etc. I had the monitor on and could hear her talking to her dollhouse toys, it was so cute! I have been working on getting Ella on a schedule so life has been pretty boring around here since I can't really do much during the day :(

Speaking of Ella, I think I am going to have a thumb sucker on my hands! I catch her spitting her passy out and putting her thumb in! I remove her thumb and put the passy back in when I can. But, she does look cute sucking her thumb! Here are some pics from the week.....


Ella's First Friend

Last week we went to play at Jill's house. Emma and Sophie must see each other every week! Jill's sister Brooke was there with her new baby Brody! He is soooo adorable and exactly 2 months younger than Ella...we might have a future relationship here! We tried to get some pics but they were not too cooperative. I'll have to get some cuter ones next time!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Colton and the Wii

Colton is obsessed with playing the Wii! He plays it every day. He has achieved professional bowler status, which neither his dad or mom has done! He also is great at tennis and golf. Nate and I are terrible at the golf! In the last week or so he has started playing Mario Kart, which he used to be not so great he is awesome!! It amazes me the hand-eye coordination he is demonstrating at age 4. I also showed him which button on the TV remote to press so he can change the input and start the Wii himself.

Now, if I can just figure a way to limit his time on the Wii. I know once it warms up it won't be such an issue. He LOVES to be outside.

Colton also really loves playing games. Right now he is super into Memory. We play everyday at least 3 times. And most of the time, he wins!! I play my best and he still wins! We are still working on our sportsmanship when he loses. He also loves Candyland. I try to get in the board game time while Ella is content before Emma gets up from her nap! I know he loves his Mommy/Colton time!

PS. added a pic of Emma watching Colton play Wii and a cute one of Ella :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Emma and Sophie

Emma has her first best friend. Her name is Sophie and they are 7 days apart. It is sooo funny how much alike they are. They play extremely well together and miss each other when they go too long between visits. Emma will walk around the house, saying "fe fe house, blue car". Jill drives a blue jeep, it's too funny that Emma knows that! We get the girls together at least once a week and they have such a great time. And they know how to push each other's button's too! On Tuesday this week we went over there after dropping Colton at school. The girls had not seen each other in over a week, Sophie had been sick with the tummy bug. They were absolutely adorable....sharing toys, hugging, running around. Jill and I could just tell that they were so happy to see each other!

Well Jill and I were visting also and the girls just got into so much, but had a great time doing it! Here are some pics from the day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lazy Saturday, my favorite!!

Today has been my favorite kind of Saturday. We woke up, took our time, and I have not left the house!! Nate took Colton to a birthday party so I have spent the day with my girls. I really love the quality time I get with Emma. It doesn't happen too often so I cherish it. Ella was taking a nap so Emma and I laid on the floor in the den and played with her magnadoodle. Then we did some puzzles. She amazes me daily with her vocabulary and abilities! She was telling me what each piece was and when she got to the hot air balloon, she told me "high, high". I guess she knew it goes high in the sky. She is so smart!

We did have a situation with the big girl bed, I will elaborate later on that!!

Oh, I am adding some pics from their Valentine stuff too!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am only human...

Well, today started of as a regular day. Breakfast, making lunches, getting everyone ready for school, it's Friday so both Emma and Colton have school. I finished getting Ella dressed in her Valentine outfit and the other two were getting very antsy. So, I placed Ella in her carseat, as I do every day, and got the Colton and Emma in the car. I put all the bags in the car and came back for the baby. Well.....I just picked up her seat and put her in the car. I am not going to tell you how far I got, that is between me and my gaurdian angel, but I forgot to buckle the baby in. Yep, she was just riding in her bucket seat with no seatbelt. I am sooo incredibly lucky that we were not in an accident.
Since nothing bad happened, of course I can laugh at myself. I know it's not funny but it kind of is. When I called one of my sisters to tell her, before I told her she said, "Did you forget the baby?"....I said no of course, but was thinking, gosh that wouldn't be hard to do since she's so quiet! I wasn't going to blog about this but I did because we ARE all human and we all make mistakes. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine weekend!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today is my day with just the girls in the morning. We took big brother to school and came home so Ella could nap. After I fed Ella and Emma had some lunch we ventured out to Publix to get some stuff for dinner. Emma LOVES going to Publix. We pulled in the parking lot and she starts saying.."cookie, cookie mommy". I let her walk because we were only getting a few things and those carts are sooo nasty. We got Ella settled on the cart and were on our way. She held my hand and we headed toward the bakery. We were still about 15 feet from the counter and she started saying, "hi, hi, hi" to the man in the bakery. (who is so not friendly). He gave her the cookie and she said "tank you". Still holding my hand she ate her cookie and we headed to get the green beans. She said hi to all the produce people then helped me with the beans, still holding the cookie.

We headed down the ketchup aisle, still holding my hand, and a Publix employee stopped to say hi to Emma. She proceeded to tell the lady, "I shoppin'". We rounded out the trip on the card aisle. I had to get a card for their teachers. Anyway, there was an older man shopping for cards too. He told her she was a pretty little girl and asked her how old she was. She told the man, "I two, CoCo four". I picked out the cards and we headed to the check out. She was STILL holding my hand. As we were leaving she told the cashier, "bye bye, see you soon".

If you are wondering why I mention the hand holding thing, it's because it amazes me. Colton would NEVER have done that at her age. The differences between boys and girls just amazes me. Maybe it's not boys and girls so much as it is the difference in each child's personality that amazes me.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My first blog!!!!

Ok, I have so many friends who do this and say it's great free therapy! I also think it will be a great way to have my family and friends that don't see us all the time keep up with our crazy life! Let me start off with a little background on our family. Nate and I have been married for 6 wonderful years! We have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. Colton, 4, Emma, 2 and our newest, Ella is 9 wks!!

I am a stay at home mom and I love it. I love to be with my children all day and watch them grow. Now, I do LOVE the time they are in nursery school too!! A typical day around here starts about 7 AM and goes all day. I never know what the day will bring but I am going to love writing stories down that one day my children can read. I have NEVER been good at keeping a journal, tried it when Colton was little, so maybe this will work!!