Monday, July 27, 2009

Naked Eaters...

My children love to be naked. Colton much more so that Emma. Colton is usually in his undies when we are home. He'll start out clothed but always ends up that way! Emma gets cold easier, but she does like to eat naked. I think it's because she does not like to get herself dirty and she's a messy eater! A few pics of my precious babies......


Saturday, when we got back from our little trip, Nate went outside to do some yard stuff. I put Ella Margaret down for a cat nap and got a craft together for Em and Colton. I cut out butterflies out of construction paper. They colored them a little and glued polka dots to them! They really love doing crafts! All I have to say is, "meet me in the kitchen for craft time!" and they both go running in there and sit down in their spots! We finished off the butterflies with their antenna's out of pipe cleaners. I've got to get online now to find our next craft!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Over the river and thru the trees....

Saturday we headed to Fayette,AL to visit Nate's grandmother. The kids were great in the car, it's about a 1 hr 45min drive. She prepared a wonderful lunch for us and the kids had a great time visiting! This was the first time they were meeting Ella Margaret so I was glad we were able to make the trip. Colton especially loved T.R's riding lawn mower. Emma did not like it so much. She went outside with Colton and TR to check it out and when he turned it on, she flipped out! It was so sad....I could here her screaming from inside. Nate ran out there to get her...she was just sooo upset. She just does not like loud noises up close! She calmed down once back inside. We headed back about 2pm and had a lazy evening at home. Great day!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today we made a ladybug craft! And I am proud to say, i came up with all on my own!!! I am so not creative so I was proud of myself! Anyway...they had fun. I cut out a ladybug shape out of red construction paper. Then we used a hole puncher on some black paper and used the little hole punch outs for the spots! I put glue dabs on the bug and they put the spots on....then we glued the googly eyes on and put on the pipe cleaner legs! The kids just loved doing this and I am enjoying our craft time!!!

Too cute!

Saturday we spent about 3 hours at the pool! Ella Margaret was soooo good. She played in her super saucer and her playpen and never cried. The weather was AMAZING for summer. It was borderline "cool" outside! We had a great day as a family. I hate I didn't take more pictures....but I did get a cute one of my big 2. They are best friends and they are so cute together! Emma loves her "broder" so matter how much he takes things from her, pushes her down...she still loves him sooo much. She is always wanting to know where he is...she makes sure he gets a "treat" when she does....she has such a good little heart. She has brought so much happiness, love and laughter to my life! Anyway....I so need to go to bed....

Old Friends....

Today I saw an old friend that I had not seen in over 4 years. It really brought me back....I just want to say, old friends....cherrish your friendships. You really don't realize how much you miss a friend until you see them after so many years. Anyway....I promise I am working on the video of my sweet baby crawling....I just have to figure out how to upload it! Project for tomorrow maybe...maybe not til the weekend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the move!

Ella Margaret is on the move! Post and pics, hopefully a video coming! will post tomorrow...nite nite!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kid Gym

Last Monday Jill and I decided to take the kids to Kid Gym for open play. It was a perfect day for it since it was raining cats and dogs!! Emma loves this place! Colton likes it but got bored after about an hour. He's almost too big for it. We went home for lunch and the kids all rested in the afternoon! Great day!!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

On July 7th Nate turned 31! We attempted to make homemade cards for him but it did not go as I planned! The glitter glue was a disaster! We did bake him a cake and I tried to decorate it. It was a good effort but the little squirt icing was harder to use than I thought. The kids had fun putting sprinkles on it though! When Nate got home we let him open his presents and then he blew out his candles! Emma was just so excited to see her Daddy blowing out his candles. It was so cute! Hope he had a good birthday and knows how much we love him!!!!!

4th of July!

Long time no post! We have been busy lately and I have not had a chance to sit down and blog! On the 4th we had a low key day then went to a BBQ in the evening. We had a great time with good friends and then took the kids to see the fireworks. They had a great time! Even Ella Margaret was a little trooper! I cannot believe the summer is almost over already, we are having a great time!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

May-May's Wedding!

We headed to NOLA this weekend for my baby sister's wedding! It was a wonderful weekend, as far as the bride had a wonderful time!!! But to say it was HOT, is an understatement. It was so humid, when I walked outside, I either had to immediately had to get into a car or go back inside!

We arrived down there late Friday night and brought our fabulous babysitter Sarah with us! The ride down was pretty easy but Em just has a hard time sleeping in the car so she didn't sleep much. Needless to say, they were up for about an hour once we got there, til like 1:30ish and were awake by about 8:30am!

I had a pedi appt first thing in the morning....followed by Meg's bridal luncheon/lingerie shower. She had so much fun!!! I had 3 mimosa's, so I had fun too!!! Mom made a toast and got all emotional! Carrie Greene, had the cutest little favors made...they were M&M's with the words, "Marry me Chip" printed on them!

We headed back to my parents house for a brief break then off to another party at 3pm. NOW, this party was and outside seafood boil....can we say OMG hottest I've ever been in my life! I couldn't even drink it was so hot. Carrie and I parked ourselves in the shade, under a tent, in front of an industrial fan!!!

That night Sarah, Courtney and I finished preparing some things for Sunday. Carrie picked Courtney and I up and we heading to the French Quarter midday. It was sooooo HOT! We got situated (long story too tired to tell) . The kids, Nate and Sarah arrived about 4pm. They were sooo excited about May-May's wedding!

We waited as long as possible to get them ready. They looked so for the bride she was beaming!!! I have never seen a happier bride in my life....even when we had a potentially tragic dress situation...she stayed calm and collected....

The only time I saw her get teary eyed is when we started talking about Aunt Susie....made me think back to my wedding she was the one who helped me into my dress and we laughed so hard because we tied the corset upside down!!! Boy I miss her!!!

Well, the kids did great in the ceremony. Em would not stop until every last flower was out of her basket. Colton did great carrying the rings! ( he carried them on a pillow that my mom used at her wedding!)

The ceremony was quick then it was party time! Megan had a great time. Great pics were taken and memories were made! Wow this post is long enough...posting a slide show of some pics I took!!!

6 months already!

Ella Margaret is already 6 months old! I can't believe it!!!! It does make me sad to know my last baby is already 6 months old :( She had her 6 month check up on June 17th. She weighs 18lbs 1.5oz (which is more than double her birth weight). She is 26 1/2 inches long! She is such a sweet baby....always smiling. AND the doctor told me since her beautiful BLUE eyes have not changed yet...they probably won't change!!!! Finally a baby with blue eyes. We think she gets it from my grandfather, Popee.

We have also had another milestone, she has started sitting up....she does need help and doesn't sit for long, but she sure does sit up straight! She also started to babble! So cute!!! And she has begun to push up on all fours and start rocking! I am dreading that she may be on the move shortly. She has figured out how to get things when she needs them.....she rolls and kind of scoots to get to what she needs!

Things she likes:
Playing in her super saucer
Having her big brother and big sister talk to her
Holding her own bottle to feed herself, the others were not like that!
Getting kissed on her neck, she cracks up!

I just can't believe my littlest baby is getting so big...I want her to stay my sweet little baby forever!!!!

Loving summer time!!!

I am loving this summer! We have been soooo busy! Going to the pool, my baby sister's wedding, hanging with friends, etc! Honestly, when summer first began, I was dreading it. I was like, "what am I going to do with these kids ALL day everyday???" But, it has been great. No schedules just laid back fun. I love not having to get out the door by 8:50....taking the kids to the pool, doing art projects, just hanging out!

One thing that makes me sad is that it's already July! This summer is flying by. I am going to try to make the most of the next several weeks with the kids! We have a few things planned and are trying to plan a beach trip! I am dying to take them!