Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big Boy Baseball!!

Colton has graduated from t-ball to coach pitch ball. He loves it...They had their first game Saturday. It was a little rough. They were all running to get the ball, not playing their positions and no one was hitting well.

We had our second game Monday night and it was like a different team! Colton hit the ball at every "at bat"...he didn't have to use the tee once. ( They get 5 pitches then have to hit off the Tee)...

Emma and Ella had fun at the game Saturday, I will post pics from that in the morning. I am going to try to upload the video from his Monday game, I was so proud of him!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring, Finally!

Friday, we headed to the zoo! Finally it was a beautiful day! This spring break week has been cloudy and cold. So we were all excited to head to the zoo. Even though half the state was there, we still had a great time! The kids just liked being outside. Our zoo is not great but the scenery and atmosphere is. I can't wait to finally take them to the Audobon Zoo, hopefully in a couple weeks.

We met several friends there so everyone had a buddy to see. Even Ella saw her boyfriend Brody! We stayed about 2 hrs and that wore all of us out! The picture of my car, is from my awesome parking spot!!!! Couldn't get any closer!!

Finally potty!

Emma is FINALLY interested in the potty!!! In fact, the process has gone from 0 to 60 in a matter of days! She went from no interest to total interest. While we are not totally there, but she has made public outings, staying dry. We have used just our "big girl" panties at home! I am thinking of sending her to school Wed in her big girl panties!!! Nate laughed at me, said, well, I won't be the one who has to clean it up! If she makes it nursery school w/out an accident, I think she can get her Barbie reward! I bought this hot pink little car for her barbie dolls, she knows about it and can't wait to get it.

When she first got interested in all this, I was using M&M's as a reward. That quickly got out of control because she was using the potty just to get the M&M's....Jill gave me an out. I told her the M&M's were going to turn her teeth black. Well, she sure didn't forget I said that! In fact, I had to beg her to eat an M&M again..she kept saying that they would turn her teeth black....now if she has one, she looks at me and says, "Mommy, Jill was just kidding. They not turn my teeth black".

Today, we only had one "poop" accident. I really just don't think she's ready to do that on the toilet, I think she's scared. She knows when she has to go though, and that's half the battle! We told her she can just tell us and we can get a diaper. That seemed to work for Colton. He went on the potty when he was ready.

Funny story though, when she had her accident today....She said to Nate, very serious, "Is Dora upset with me??" Then, when I saw her a little later, she told me, "Mommy, Dora is not happy with me right now. But Daddy cleaned her up and she is feeling better now." I had to turn around I was laughing so hard! She is so funny!! I had told her not to tee-tee on Dora because she wouldn't like it...I guess she remembered that!
(Her brother took the pic at the top, one of his photo sessions w/out my knowledge. Even though her eyes are closed, I love the picture!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The plague...

I took the kids to visit my parents in NOLA this weekend. We left Friday morning and the drive down was great! Everyone was so great and I only had to stop once! We were hoping for a long, fun weekend that included visiting great-grandparents and riding the street cars....little did I know....what we were in for... WARNING, graphic content below!

We got there about 2:30 Friday afternoon and all was well. About 2 hrs later, Ella had a super dirty diaper that leaked, enough said. Well, 2 hrs later she did it again. I just thought it was something she ate. Then Emma had a messy one as well. Again , I just thought it was the Chick-fil-A. Well at 4AM, Ella vomited in her crib....then I knew it was more than something they ate. I held her for an hour and no more vomit so I put her back down.

The morning brought more messy diapers and then vomit from Emma. Colton got sick Sunday night during the night and my mom and I got it in some form as well. Thank God my dad went out of town midday Sunday and didn't get sick. Poor Megan and Chip have come down with it now too! It was just awful....we didn't do anything! We just stayed close to home and we finally came back to Alabama Tuesday.

We are heading back down in a couple of weeks for Spring Break so hopefully it will be a better trip. We are planning a Zoo trip and a trip to Global Wildlife. I only managed to snap a few pics with all of the sickness...here are a few of the ones that turned out viewable....

We did manage a trip to Cafe Du Monde...thank goodness for the drive-thru!
Poor sweet baby spent a lot of time in her playpenShe fed the dogs A LOT!