Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Been Awhile....

A lot has been going on here over the past few months.  We are finally in our new fall routine.  Colton has started kindergarten!!!  Ella is quickly approaching her second birthday, I can't believe it!  Emma no longer wears a diaper....they are all changing so much!  Instead of recapping the last few months, I am just going to start blogging again regularly. 

Colton is playing fall baseball.  He has really started liking baseball.  He has the same coach as he did in the spring and many of the same players so they are really having a great time.  They have started throwing the ball to make outs.  Colton plays first base and made his first out from a catch the other day!  He was so excited and proud of himself! 

Emma has started taking ballet.  She is taking with Sophie so they are having a blast!  She has already learned so much, I am very impressed.  We think it's also going to help with her coordination.  I can't wait for the recital in May!!

Ella...well Ella is all over the place!  She is into everything!  She is so smart, still not talking much.  She talks, we just can't understand what she's saying...but she knows!  She LOVES playing with her brother and sister!  She has started saying their names, "CoCo and sis sis"....

Pics to come soon!