Monday, June 29, 2009

"I do!"

Great weekend in NOLA! Baby sister got married.....too tired to post tonight.....will post tomorrow hopefully, with lots of pics!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Emma!

Emma just being cute! She is the cutest, sweetest 2 yr old in the whole world! I am going to try to get some video of her up on here...
These are her new shorts Jill just made! She LOVES her purse shirt!

Happy Father's Day!

Well, this Father's Day did not turn out as planned. Nate was supposed to be going on a golf trip that has been planned for months. Because I was so sick he was not able to go. So not only did he miss the trip he had been so excited to go on, he also had to play mommy and daddy all weekend! He even cleaned for me on Father's Day. That just shows what a good husband and Daddy he is! Here are a couple of pics from our lazy day.
Oh, and we will be having our own Father's Day "redo" another day in the coming weeks!

Happy Birthday Big E!!!

To start this post off, I have been really sick since last Tuesday. I got an infection common to breastfeeding mommies. It got pretty bad, including an ER visit Wed night and a 103 fever Thursday night! Almost had to go to the hospital for IV antibiotics but luckily we didn't have to do that. I am slowly recovering.....

Anyway, Thursday night, Nate took the big kids over to the Duke's house for Eli's 2nd birthday party. I hated to miss it but was still so sick. The kids had fun eating pizza and cake! Apparently Colton had a little streaking episode at the party! Em had fun playing with Reid, they seem to like playing together! They did bring me home some cake and it was AWESOME! I didn't get to eat it until Friday but it was soooo good!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update....coming soon!

I have been under the weather! I promise to update in the next day or so!!! Ella Margaret is wearing Colton's first Mardi Gras shirt! too funny!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A few pics!

We have been going to the pool a lot lately. We went all weekend and the kids had so much fun! Emma is starting to get more confidence with her floaties and Colton is doing awesome with his swimming!!! Today we had some friends meet us there. I totally forgot I brought my camera until we were getting ready to leave.....I did get a couple is Colton and Sienna lounging after their swim!

Here is Em and cute and in their own worlds! They had fun "cooking" in the baby pool!

Emma relaxing after her bath and nap today but she looks so sleepy. We actually just put them to sleep and I think they were out before Nate shut the door!!


Colton loves playing with legos. He plays with them everyday! We bought Em some pink legos because she is always wanting to play too and ends up messing up his "creations". He gets so creative with his legos. He builds towers, houses, etc...he builds little car wash's for his cars! He gets so proud of himself when he builds something. He'll usually have me come see what he made. I always get him to tell me what it is because you never know "what" he's made. It's so cute. He'll make something that looks like a sailboat but tells me it's something completely different like a rocket. Tonight he build a "bed" for his cars and Mack (from CARS). I didn't get a picture though, but I do have some pics of his recent creations.