Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ella, too funny!

Ella has been on the move lately. I have to really watch her every second. She is into EVERYTHING!!! She has also figured out the stairs. I have gates at the top and bottom, but they do get left open sometimes, since Colton knows how to operate them. I am adding a video of her escape, it's so funny! Don't forget to pause the musice below...

Ella has also really started playing independantly. That is, when she doesn't have a sibling messing with her. When they are gone, I always see her entertaining herself. Yesterday, i was catching up on my talk shows and she was playing on the floor. All of the sudden, I heard, "beep beep beep"...I looked and she was pushing Colton's street sweeper and saying "beep beep beep" as she pushed was too cute! Here is a short video of that!

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